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  • BREED: Goldendoodle
  • LISTED: 2017-12-31
  • REGISTRATION: not required
  • LOCATION: Cairo, Georgia
  • COLOR: white, blonde, light to medium brown & black
  • Buyers Protect Yourself

My husband & I breed standard, F-1 Goldendoodle puppies. We have many clients in our home state (Georgia) & the states surrounding us but we also specialize in delivering pups via airline for our clients farther away. We absolutely LOVE this wonderful breed! The characteristics & personality traits they inherit from each parent produce the best family dog -- especially for young children to grow up with! They're affectionate & loving, smart & easy to train and loyal & protective companions. And all of that is combined with the fact that they are considered hypoallergenic! So Goldendoodles are also a perfect fit family members with pet allergies or for folks who just prefer a non-shedding dog. I keep our website updated with pregnancy announcements, pictures and of course information about the puppies we have available for reservation at

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