Dog Breeds

Berger Picard

 Even though this is a more rare breed, you may recognize the Berger Picard (“Bear-zhay Pee-carr”) as the star dog from the film Because of Winn-Dixie. Also known as Picardy Shepherds, this breed became first well-known in France as a guarder of flocks and the best worker with sheep and cattle. They are closely related to the other French breeds: Briard and Beauceron. As one of the oldest known French breeds, the Berger Picard is often mistakenly taken to be a mutt. This breed is not often found in the United States but is well loved and praised in its native country. These dogs come in a variety of gray and fawn colors and have naturally upright ears. Their scruffy, rustic appearance is why they are commonly thought of as a mixed breed. With a medium-size and history as herders, Berger Picards are strong, hard workers and rowdy players. They require a lot of human companionship and enjoy children. These intelligent dogs tend to be independent and vocal and do best with active, dog-experienced owners who live in a rural home. 

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