Dog Breeds

Belgian Tervuren

 From colors ranging between deep mahogany to fawn and varieties of gray, the medium-sized Belgian Tervuren stands squarely and proudly as a display of both strength and beauty. Their elegant appearance is matched by a slender body of solid muscles. Their toes, chin and deep chest may sometimes sport white fur while their eyes are dark and nose is black. Their fur will often darken with age and is shorter on their legs, head and outer ears. Having a courageous and alert nature, their small, almond-shaped eyes twinkle with a questioning expression. Tervurens are intelligent dogs that excel with active families and remain devoted to their masters. They have a light, graceful gait that almost appears to be floating when they move. They have high amounts of energy allowing them to make exceptional working dogs in the areas of tracking, herding, agility and obedience. Suitable for both urban and country environments, these dogs are happiest when they can have space to exercise and have a job to do. 

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