Dog Breeds


 With a name meaning “Bush thing” in Swahili, the muscular Basenji is an athletic and elegant hunting dog originating from Africa. They are also known as the African Barkless dog that hunts with sight and scent but never barks. These dogs do have an array of other unusual vocalizations including yodels and crowing sounds. Depending on their mood, they may howl, growl or even crow. Basenji dogs are similar in size to fox terriers and feature a smooth, balanced structure. They have curling tails that stay to one side of their muscular thighs. With powerful and graceful muscles, they move with ease and agility and are known to have a distinctive trotting, horse-like running gait. These dogs make good pets as long as they are handled on a regular basis from an early age. They are alert, curious and demanding. They also love to play and have an energetic and affectionate demeanor. Female Basenjis come into heat only once a year unlike the majority of other domestic breeds that have two heats per year. 

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