Dog Breeds

Australian Terrier

 The smallest of the working terriers, the Australian Terrier was created by Australian settlers and is affectionately known as the “Aussie.” This breed is one of the few non-English terriers and is often referred to as just a bigger Yorkie. Many believe the breed actually originated from a cross between a Yorkie and Cairn. Regardless, the Australian Terrier is still a rather small dog with the spritely terrier attitude and big, friendly eyes. These dogs come in colors of gray-blue, tan and blue steel with a black nose and perky, prick ears. The Aussie has boundless, playful energy and makes an affectionate and loyal companion to their close family. With a unique warning bark and a natural wariness of strangers, they make excellent watchdogs. These alert, feisty and self-confident dogs will get along well with other members of the family including children and other pets. Additionally, they make great companions to the elderly and the handicapped due to their quiet and loving nature.

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