Dog Breeds


 The Kooikerhondje is not a well known breed. They are a small dog, but excellent decoys. Originally used to decoy ducks with their bushy white tail, they are trainable and worthy of a hunt. The Kooikerhondje looks somewhat like a large Papillon, with medium to long length fur coming in the colors of red and white, mostly white with patches of red. They have long drop ears that are quite feathered, as well as the tail, chest and legs. Black sometimes lines the ears, of which fanciers call "earrings". Their bodies, longer than they are tall, are lean and moderately muscled. The Kooikerhondje is a bright dog, intelligent in the ways of luring ducks. They are friendly, cheery dogs who will likely follow their master to the end of the Earth. They are good with older children, and good with other pets. Kooikerhondjes are affectionate and easy to manage, making them ideal for just a companion or as both decoy dog and companion. They active, yet not overly excitable. Although they can be noisy, they will alert their owners of anything unusual that may be going on. Reliable and friendly, the Kooikerhondje is definitely worth keeping in the home. 

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